GenArts Sapphire Idents 2014

In Spring 2014 we were asked by GenArts to create a video that showcases the inventive ways we use Sapphire.
We builded a team of four artists and had the idea of using the same start and end frame but have complete creative freedom in between. Each artist had the chance to come up with his own ideas for design and animation, but using the same start and end we were able to edit together as one unique piece.
I was honored to create the first sequence, where I created the logo in 3d and let it crack and fall into bits and pieces combined with some particlestrokes, enhancing the overall look using the Sapphire Plug-Ins. The incredible sound design was done by Andi Toma from Dropsounds.
It premiered at the GenArts booth during NAB 2014 in Las Vegas.